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Dondup is a fashion house in which the international private equity fund L Catterton holds a 91% stake. Dondup was established in 2000 and has always been characterised by a fresh new vision of contemporary fashion. Since 2010, the year in which L Capital, which later became L Catterton, chose to invest in the brand, the fashion house has begun a process of expansion aimed at breaking into the mainstream international markets, with a strategy that combines creativity, sensitivity to the markets and an innovative vision.

Guiding the company’s development is a fashion-oriented team composed of the President and shareholder Matteo Marzotto and the CEO Matteo Anchisi, who have transformed Dondup’s excellence in Italian-made products into a global company offering men’s and women’s collections and, in its most recent project, childrenswear. Tradition and innovation come together in a cosmopolitan project that combines Italian manufacturing expertise with a contemporary vision.
The Dondup lifestyle is made up of the company culture and creative passion, characteristics that are reflected in every collection, where the care taken over even the smallest details is a synonym for excellence.

Thanks to the investment from L Catterton, Dondup has launched a new industrial plan with the objective of conquering the main international showcases. It is a path that has involved the entire structure through the redefinition of the company and management structure which began with the arrival of Mr. Casoni and Mr. Marzotto.

The first phase involved changes in the business model and strategic vision, concentrating in-house the skills necessary for global development with a particular focus on the areas of Style, Distribution and Communication. This operation led to the restructuring of the internal organization and changes to the distribution system in Italy, with the establishment of the two company showrooms in Milan and Rome, and abroad with the setting up of ad hoc distribution solutions for each individual market depending on its characteristics.
The evolution on the stylistic front marks the beginning of a second phase that is concentrating on the introduction of new elements of modernity and is based on close collaboration between the internal Studio and creative personalities of great talent and international prominence, “contributors”, whose objective is to guide the product range and image of the brand in a more modern and international direction.

The company’s future is set out in a new industrial plan that will help support a creative project that is growing steadily and is capable of setting new standards in contemporary fashion.